Deanna was a seasoned C-Level executive with 30 years of experience.  She was dedicated and determined to climb the corporate ladder making tough decisions quickly, being a leader, and always demonstrating confidence to excel. Her diverse background from Not-For-Profit, Corporate, Higher Education, and Governmental management positions, ranges from Director to Chief Financial Officer.

She has a family history of military service which includes – Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Army. Her life has been richly blessed with unforgettable life experiences by living all over the world and experiencing other cultures.

After going through a lifechanging event, she purposely began a quest for self-discovery and became a strong advocate in helping others do the same.  She is passionate about helping people, sharing her life lessons, being a voice for women, and inspiring everyone she meets.

She is a published author, international writer, public speaker, and soughtafter business consultant.


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